Story of Emerald Dragon Walkthrough

MSX game Emerald Dragon Walkthrough

The story of Emerald Dragon requires a general understanding of the history of the world it takes place in. The two key places to know are Ishuban and Dragulia.  Dragulia is the place where dragons who escaped Ishuban and it's curse still live, it is also the birthplace of the hero of the story, Atrushan.  Ishuban was a land rich in nature with a mild climate at one time called a sanctuary. One day there was a curse upon the dragon clan in Ishuban that forever soiled the land and brought about the age of war.
2000 years ago the two major races in Ishuban were the Horus and the Dragon Clan. There was a great war for control of the land at the end of which both races decided to coexist peacefully. One day the Horus completely disappeared. Shortly after the land was cursed and brought about the death of the dragon clan as the curse spread across the land. Following this humans arrived in Ishuban and began to thrive.
 In the present, humans have come to prosper in the land. But recently a new race, the demon clan, has appeared in the land. Yet again Ishuban becomes the battleground for a new war of dominance.
 The main questions unresolved in this history are how the cursing of the dragon clan occurred and what happened to the Horus. These questions become the beginning of the framework that turn the gears of Emerald Dragon's plot.
One day in Dragulia a ship crashes offshore, the sole survivor is a young human girl who has lost her memory. The White Dragon decides to name her "Tamryn," an ancient dragon word for "Purity," and raise her as one of his own in the dragon clan. One young dragon named Atrushan is about the same age as Tamryn and they become close friends.
Some years later, Tamryn decides that she has to return to her homeland of Ishuban despite her and Atrushan's growing feelings. A promise is made between them that if she is ever in trouble, she should blow on the horn that Atrushan gave her and he'll be there. The sun sets and the next day Tamryn returns home.
When Tamryn returns to Ishuban it is already torn apart by war that has gone on between the demon clan and the humans. The land's only remaining kingdom, Ervad, has become the protector of all remaining people from the demons. Over the next three years there's a distinct shift in the power on the continent, namely that the demons are winning.  It's during this time that a new general appears to lead the demonic troops. His name is Ostracon. While being human, he allied himself with the demons and through his military genius became a general of the demonic troops and the trusted aid of the Devil King, Galshia.
Today, the last line of defense has become the stronghold of General Sada in the Ervad kingdom lands. If Ervad falls, all remaining humans will be killed and the land will plunge into darkness where the demon clan will thrive. Tamryn is now living in Urvan, a town in the Ervad lands that is currently out of the demon's reach where she nurses soldiers sent there to recover. One day, she finally decides she needs Atrushan there and blows on the horn. "Please hurry, Atrushan!"

The horn reaches Atrushan in Dragulia. The White Dragon sends him to the grave of the dragons to recover the Silver Scale which will allow him to enter Ishuban without being killed by the curse. After taking the scale, he is told to beat it against his chest. When he does this, he is wrapped in a light and turned into a human.  The only way for the dragon clan to enter Ishuban is in a fragile human form where none of their dragon powers can be used.
Atrushan, with the soul of a dragon and the body of a human, sets off to Ishuban to find Tamryn. He travels the land to Urwan in search of Tamryn. When he finally reaches the remote village, the story finally beings to unfold.
(Save as much as you can before a fight)
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Here is where this MSX game begins. Artrushan arrives at Urwan city (a little village), with a few shops and houses. You begin with a Short Sword, a Leather Armour, a Leather Shield and
200 Parus (gold). You have found it when you took the scale. You’re goal is to Remove
the Curse against the Dragon Tribe from the Holy Land.

You begin your journey in Urvan Castle. There is a person outside, speak with her and go a little to the West en then North to enter Urvan Village.
Here you find from Left to Right. Down : Weapon store/shield store/potion store.
In the Upper from Left to Right               : sleeping room with Elder/Bar/bed with Tamryn.
Speak with Tamryn. You see a demo about you two and then she joins you.
Speak with the person in the hall near the Elder. He tells you that you must talk to the Elder.
You can find him in the bedroom.
The Elder says to you that you must go to the Prayer Shrine, because Bagin
the sorcerian went to the Shrine on Prayer Hill, but he hasn’t returned.
He gives you a letter for Swordsman Barsom. You can find him in the Bar.
Go to the Bar. Barsom is the closest person near the bar. He joins the party after you have given him the letter (automatic)
The person in the hall near the Elder wishes you luck.
Go talk again with the Elder again. There’s a flashing and some text and the Elder is gone.
You are fully restored and awake in the room next to him.
You don’t need to buy new weapons, but you should go to the Potion shop for Healing potions and some tents. A tent can be use outside a battle and restores the whole party.
Now you are ready for your first quest. Go to the cave a little North. There you will find some chests with Heal potions, tents, money and other stuff.
In the middle of this cave you find a person. He asks you whether you can fight the Golem. You can answer with yes or no. If you're ready to fight him, just answer 'yes', and Bagin will give you a Crash Ruby and joins your group.
Go to the little green part close behind Bagin. There’s a door. You can pass from this side.
Just before you had reached Bagin,  you couldn’t get in. Now you can enter and you are somewhere else. In this room there is a blue coloured board. Walk against it.
Here you find your First Boss named Golem. You can use the Crash Ruby if you want to.
It gives 500 damage to all enemies. I don’t use it, I am wise and keep it. Later you can buy it somewhere in a shop for 3000 Guilders. ……………….
He is dead ! and so are his helpers, the BeanBalls.
You must travel all the way back, just as you came. Go to Urvan Village again.
Talk to everybody and get some sleep at the Elder’s place. Maybe you can buy other armor or weapons. Don’t forget to buy heal potions and tents.
Go now to Elbard town.
Leave Urvan Village and go South West. Follow the yellow path.
This town has a colosseum. You can fight here by talking to the
guy with a blue coat, behind the counter. There are three levels to these fights:


Further this town has a casino. You can play with a Slot machine or play poker.

The barkeeper here has a story for your team. Barsom will tell you his story
over a bottle. Basically, the King caught Baron Fraward stealing some of the
kingdom's secrets and was kicked out of the castle for having found it out.
Now, your group offers to go with him to get the Baron.
Talk to everybody in this town, but beware the house left below to your last.
You can get some sleep at an old lady for 20 G.
Equip yourself and go to this house. There is a guard outside.
Beat him and go inside for more guards. Beat them all and search for the Baron.
Kill him too and you will get his Secret Scroll,now leave this place.

Go to see the King to tell him that the Baron has died. You can find the King in his Castle, not so far from where you are.
Go to the South to find an entrance between the mountains, this leads to the Castle.
Talk to the Guards outside, one Guard lets you enter the castle. Open some chests for money and a Long Sword. Barsom can fight with it and Atrushan too.
Talk to the King and show him Fraward's Secret Scroll (that goes automatic).
Barsom’s name is now clean, so he'll stay at the castle. You'll be joined by Prince Hathram and Monk Falna, as they wish to fight the Evil Forces.
There is a room in the castle with a guard in front of it. You may not enter for now.
Now, you're going north to meet with Sada, one of the king's soldiers.

You can find Sada in a fort, just North of Elbard Town : Sada's Stronghold
The guard outside let you pass.
Inside there are guards. Go into a room with 4 Guards. Sada is standing in the Upper Left corner. He has a lot to tell. He'll brief you into their plans. There's a fortress northeast to your current position, from which the Evil Forces are attacking southwards. This fortress
is controlled by a guy named Ostracon and one of his minions, Barago. Since Ostracon
has left the fortress in order to fight the Resistance, Barago is left alone, giving you an opportunity to stage a counter-strike.

Because they were only waiting for Hathram to arrive, the operation starts immediately.
Go to the fortress, the Guards are gone too.
You can find this Fortress when you go North. There are mountains. You can find a path between the mountains they lead you to Zahma Stronghold.
You see Sada on the first floor, next to a door. Talk to him. He will give you a Prison’s key.
Go to the door to the next floor. Here are 8 cells. You can open 7 cells.
When you walk against a cell, it goes open automatic. The Third Boss :Barago is in the first cell below. You must talk to him and all the others, when you come back to him, you see that he is Barago.
He has a very good defence and he can give hard punches, but you can beat him. You receive a key from him, the Zahma Key. You can’t open the 8 cell yet.
Go back to Sada and talk with him. He is leaving and the guard outside has opened the gate there and is gone too.
Follow this path to the left. You see a guard standing, you may not pass. Go to the right, and then down. Follow the mountains. Left is Gilmore.

A person at the bar has something to sell, for 100 g. Buy it, you need it soon.
The Barkeeper has a story for you. he'll speak about a place to the
north, Ovingston Cave. It's said that the place has dragon spirits within;
after hearing that, Bagin wishes to investigate the place. Do any shopping
you need to do and go there.
You can find Ovingston Cave a little bit North of Zahma, where you came in. Go to the woods to reach it.
The entrance is blocked, but with the item that you bought, you can enter the cave.
Not long after you enter the cave, Bagin starts to feel tired and sits around to rest,
move on without him. There are no monsters inside.
Only a skeleton (looks like a dog) It has the Fitma Ring on its finger.
Falna will take it and sees the name on it - Fitma.
She decides to keep the ring with herself. That goes automatic. Further has this cave a few chests.

Return to the entrance of the cave. Once there, you find out Bagin has left, leaving only his cane (Bagin's Cane). Return to Gildeel to see whether he is there.  Talk to the bartender again. He'll tell you Bagin was there, but already left, towards Slosh Cave - let's go there and try to find him. This cave can be found to the East of Gildeel and then go down. Follow the mountains. This cave is also blocked, but you can enter.

Somewhere in the center of the cave , there is a chest with the LETTER of Bagin.
(then a demo)
Bagin explains that, 20 years ago, he went into Ovingston Cave with a
close friend in order to get the Purple Dragon's Gem (the Purple Dragon
Crystal), but they were young and inexperienced. The skeleton you found in
Ovingston was Bagin's friend, who died out of Bagin's negligence. And, since the Silver Dragon didn't have the Crystal, he was certain it'd be in Sloth's treasure.

Now, he's going to Dardwa Forest to defeat a monster called Gohmes, which
is terrorizing Nanai Village. This is a promise he had made to his friend,
and he'll give you the gem as soon as this goal is achieved.

Falna seems particularly concerned about Bagin... Well, you're going after
him, but there's an Evil Force post between you and Dardwa Forest, the Arbath Stronghold.

There are also other chests in the cave. In one there is a good weapon
for Falna (girl with purple hair). When you emptied all chests go back to Gildeel to figure out a way to cross Arbath.

Gildeel City (third time)
The house above the Bar is Dap's house. The people of the city say he's a spy and that he enjoys a good wine, especially the ones of this city.  Go to the item shop and buy a wine for $50, then go to Dap's house and talk to him. This works only when Atrushan has the wine, if his item list is full then you must give some item to another player.

You get a story from him in which he tells you that he enjoys a good wine.
Offer him your wine by answering yes and he'll tell you he is a liaison member for the Resistance,
and gives you a Resistance Note - you must give it to a man named Hoslow in the bar of Fworwie City. Dap also teaches you how to cross the Arbath Stronghold - you can disguise yourself as an evil soldier and go through the place easily.

Go to the item shop again, and choose the  option 3). The girl sees the Resistance Note and give you the Evil Soldier Armor. Now you can go to the Arbath Stronghold.
You can find it when you go to the Left. When you see the river, go down.
The guards go away, because you have disguised yourself (that goes automatically).
You tell the guards you have a message to Ostracon, and they let you in. Inside is a guard who wants to fight. After the fight, you run away afterwards and are outside to the South of the building.

Because of the fight, the Evil Soldier Armor starts to crumble, and
Hathram throws it away (if you didn't fight, Falna throws it out anyway, just because it stinks).

Go down to Fworwie City

Go to the Bar. The Bartender ask you a question, you have 3 choices. The first one is
Buy a drink, second is give him a tip and the last one is come back later. Choose the
first or second, not the last. When you give him a tip, it is about that you know Dap.
Now, you must talk to the man who is blocking the door behind the bartender.
You may pass. There is a room with 3 persons, talk to them, one of them is Hoslow
(leader of the resistance). He hasn’t seen Bagin and he doesn’t know the Dardwa
Forest good enough to guide you.

He suggests that you go to the entrance of the Forest, maybe a kind villager of Dardwa village
will help you, or maybe you could ask the Village chief.
Hoslow tells you that Ostracon has captured a village chief from near Dardwa, in the hope
to get some secrets from him.

Then the Evil Forces are coming and Hoslow asks you if you will join them in an operation
against the Evil Army. You get a HQ key to open the door of the building.
 You can find this Evil HQ somewhere right above this village.
The Resistance has lured the enemies out, so you can go inside to kill the Boss (Elm)
After the fight you are outside. Go to the room where you met the 3 persons of the Resistance.
They tell you that Ostracon is attacking the Elbard Kingdom and they already managed to kill
Sada. They are afraid that the Zahma Stronghold will fall.
Hathram wants to return to Elbard and help defend it. Hoslow tells you that the Resistance has
A secret base in a cave to the North of Fworwie.
You get a new member and a letter. It is written in a strange language, what Bagin should now. Too bad, that he is not here.
Falna knows a little, she can say that it has something to do about the existence of an ancient divine treasure inside Dardwa Forest. Now your task is to find the Nanai village inside the
Dardwa Forest. You must given the letter to the Village Leader, so that he may trust you.
Buy new weapons and armour and go to the right, then down.
There you find a village.

Dardwa Forest Village is a very small village, not much to do. Enter the bottom right house
and talk to the owner. He is the village Leader. Show him the letter (that goes automatic).
The leader’s son, Yaman heard it all and he wants to help. He joins your team. He will guide
you into Dardwa Forest.

Halfway the village, to the right, there is a pile of stones. Go there and Yaman says something. The stones are gone, so you can go further. When he speaks again, you must go to the North.
Then you have a choice to go W or N and another text.
N and another text
E and another text
S and another text
Go into the trees E
N and Atrushan speaks with Yaman

There it is, Nanai village. Yaman tells you that Nanai has become a forbidden village.
Due to the appareance of the Evil king Garusia and mainly to the monster Gohmes,
They decided to seal the entire forest and Nanai with it.
A man asks if you want to buy Heal potions from him, it costs 50 g.
A woman in the top right house tells you that the house in front of hers, used to belong to a man named Fitma. He is not home, but there is a woman inside.
Talk to everybody in the village, they tell you that Bagin was here. Now he is gone, to
fight Gohmes, just like he said he would.
Leave the village South.
Go West and follow the mountain till you find a cave.
It is Gohmes Nest

Inside you will meet with Bagin again, you get a demo about his fight against Gohmes. He lost. He tells you that he is Falna’s father.
Bagin tells Falna that he once was in the Evil Forces. He was wounded in a battle and saved by Fitma (Falna’s actual father).
To retribute this, Bagin had decided to help Fitma defeat Gohmes. That is the reason that they went to Ovingston cave. Bagin gives his magic powers to Falna. He gives you an item, the Purple Dragon crystal, the second emerald grace and then he died.

Go find Gohmes. He is behind a door with a person in front of it. He is wounded about his fight with Bagin. Finish him. You get a text and are outside.

Go again to Nanai village.
Talk again with everybody. Leave the village North.
Yaman leaves your team after he dropped you at the tiles of stones. West is Dardwa forest village.

You have to talk again to Hoslow. Meet him now at the Resistance cave. You can find it in the upper Right. Inside are some chests. Meet the people of the Resistance. Talk to Hoslow.
Hathram has already returned to Elbard and you say that you are willing to help the Resistance. Hoslow accepts it and he joins your team.

They will take over Arbath and open the gates for you.

Go to Arbath stronghold for the second time. Go upstairs and defeat the guards. Search for a door with a guard in front of it. If you fight him, you get a text and will be warped back.
The guard is back.

Someone is walking around. Find him and kill him. It is Bashita, the third (and last) of
Ostracon’s minions. Bashita and his army can make themselves invisible.
When you win you get a text and now the guard is gone.

Carshwall’s group is going to the Zahma stronghold, you must go back to Gildeel. Dap has been captured by the Evil Forces.

Leave the castle and go to Gildeel city (again).

The city is deserted except for 3 Evil soldiers. Beat them. The Boss is with them, it is Gildeel Knight.
You get a text and the villagers are free including Dap. He heard that Ostracon has attacked Elbard and that Hathram was captured. You have to go to the Zahma stronghold.
Maybe you need to shop first.

When you arrive at Zahma stronghold you meet a guard. He fights you and you get a text.
You cannot pass from that side, you have to go through the inside.
Beat the guard that will stop you. You find a chest with a good weapon for Tamryn.

A guard is walking around, when you fight him, he askes you whether you want to know what he’s doing there. He’ll also ask whether you want to hear what he has to say. He will tell you all when you can defeat him. After you beat him, he’ll tell that he heard Ostracon would be
waiting for your party at Elbard. The place where you fought Baron Fraward.
The soldier will ask you whether you understood it or not. When you say yes, he’ll tell you
That his mission is complete.

By entering a door you reach the cells. Earlier a guard didn’t let you pass, now you can enter.
The cells are empty.
Leave this place and go to Sada’s Stronghold (North of Elbard). Open the chests, there are no monsters.

Go to Elbard city, the town is deserted. Go to the castle, the guards are gone. There is only one left, but you may not pass. Go back to Elbard city, to Fraward’s mansion (where you fought the Baron). You now that this is a trap, but Hoslow says that you’ve come to far to
turn back now. There are no enemies inside. Go to the room with two tables in it. Now you
can go through a secret passage.

You meet Ostracon. Enter disk 4 for a Demo. You see that he traps Hatram and explains that Evil king Garusia is not interested in just a small kingdom. The source of the power of the ancient gods, the Avesta, is hidden inside Dardwa forest. The village chief of dardwa is the only one that knows the exact location. Ostracon wants you to find the Avesta and take it to him. In return you get the black crystal. He’ll be waiting for you at the Mithramifle stronghold.

Leave this building and you see that the people are back.
Walk to Arpath stronghold and go East and down to leave this building. Walk to Nanai Village in the woods.
There you must take a nap. You meet Yaman again.
He wants to join you in your quest to defend the world against Garusia.
Leave the woods and go to the first village , Dardwa Forest Village.
Go to the Chief, Yaman’s father, you get a text about that he is not pleased, because Yaman once left the forest. Yaman asks him for a map of the forest. His father tells him that this
Map is in the bookshelf on the corridor. You can find it next to the girl in the bookshelter.
With this map, you can go deeper into the forest.
Go to Nanai village, the first part of the forest and Nanai village have nothing new. However,
close to the Gomez nest, there is a new path. First you couldn’t go further, now you can.
Walk around the mountain where Gomez nest is. You can now go further there. Your goal
is to find Dardwa Temple.
The woman inside this temple is the Fairy Fuwaru, the ruler of the temple and forest. She’ll
answer your questions. She’ll teach you that the ancient Gods were actually members of a
species called the Hols. They came to this land, before the dragons. They were capable of using great Magic Powers. Talk to her and you get an item from her. At this point you should
have 9 items.

Leave the temple and go to the point where you came from. You get a text there and will
be transported to Dardwa Forest Village. This new item is a map of Jermeth Forest and it must help you to find Avesta, who is hidden in another wood.
Go to see the King first. Atrushan and the king are talking. The king warns Atrushan, because it is
Atrushan is not afraid and he goes East from the palace into the woods. At the part with 2 stones
Where you can go in two directions, you get a text from a team-member, you are close.
I found the temple, somewhere East and then North.

Jermeth temple looks empty. There is a blue Statue in it, to the right of this statue there is a
Purple door. Go in there to reach Jermeth cave. In it are 6 chests with money in it. Grab it
and go to the left upper corner of the biggest chamber. There is a door, the exit is in a castle. A little left you must bump to something blue. You get a text about Avesta and a forbidden power that is sealed inside. Taking it away is prohibited and you have  to fight the Boss : Dragon Zombie.
After beating him you have the Avesta and you see a Golden Fang (it’s the third Emerald grace) laying on the ground, pick it up.
Go back to the blue door. Now you get a warp to the entrance of the cave. Go into the temple.
When you leave the temple you get a warp to the entrance of the wood.
In the village nearby there is a girl that will give you a  Knight shield. You can find her in the
upper right house above the Inn.

Now it is time to explore new land. You must go to Mithramift fort. To reach it, first go to Zama fort, then west to the river, and north to find a bridge. Cross it and somewhere left you
See Mithramift fort. Inside you can find Waramuru’s medicine in a chest.
Go a little back and then N through the door. Walk on until you reach a stair. It brings you to
the second floor.
Search for Ostracon. He gives you a question and forces you to give him the Avesta, he breaks the black crystal. 
When you say Yes, you get a text and have to fight him.When he is defeated, open the chest to the right, to find a Magic robe. He is defeated, but not dead. He escapes, taking away the Avesta to Evil King Garusia, at Durgwand Castle.
Leave the building. Outside you get a text. Your last member Yaman leaves you there. He
has done what he had to do. You will meet again with Prince Carswa, his group followed
Ostracon to this place, but they lost any track of him. The Resistance is now grouped at Fworwie city and plans to attack Durgwand Castle. Hoslow has to go back, to make arrangements for this attack, so he leaves your team too.
Prince Carswa tells you that you did a good job, although you had not won yet. You should
worry about the future. He also tells you that it isn’t easy to attack Durgwand castle.
He joins you again and tells you to go to Hellroad city (in the west) to get some clues on it.
Follow the water to the left, until the yellow changes into wood. There you must go N.

The city is occupied by the Demon army.
The guards want to fight, so lets do it. After the fight you see a demo and the people are back.
You will meet a kid in one of the houses, he has lost his birthday gift, a necklage. If you want to make him happy, then you must bring it to him. Leave the town and go West, till you see a lake. South of this lake you will find the necklace. Give it to the boy. He is very happy and aks you a question about a gift. When you say yes, you get a tip from him. Go back to the lake. At the place where you found the necklace there you can find now 3000 g.

Now it is time to go to Hellroud Mountain.
Follow the mountain North to find the entrance of the cave. There are a few chests with money in it and there are warps.
Use the link to go through the warps and find King Scorpion. King Scorpion is not one, but 3 scorpions, but you can beat him.
Take the door North to reach Fushurunum’s mansion. He is a hermit and when you speak with him, he flies to another part of his mansion. Look for him to ask him more questions.

He gives you info about the Hols race and that they were indeed in this world long before the dragons. About 3000 years ago, the dragons appeared. Soon they started to fight for the dominance of this land. They thought it was Holy land. The war costs the lives of many Dragons and Hols. Both are seldom blessed with children.
Then they worked out an agreement. While the Western prairies were for the Hols, the Eastern continents were for the Dragons to live in.
The Hols, turned their prairies into a desert.

Emerald dragon is the Hero of the Dragons, one that could not be replaced. Due to the curse that was cast over the dragons at Ishburn, Emerald dragon died. To resurrect the Emerald dragon, the elder dragons (from the old times) created 5 treasures, that would be become the Emerald dragon’s Flesh. These treasures are the Emerald graces.
You have not obtained the last 2 Emerald graces. Fushurunum tells you that Evil King Garusia has the Black dragon Claw.

The Avesta is a product of the Hols. It has great power. It can take the spirits of people and convert them into a huge power. The desert is the work from Avesta.

Ostracon sold out his soul to the Evil side and became an Arch Demon. He is stronger than Garusia.

Your member Tamryn has secrets.

After you asked him everything, he gives you four choices at option 1. He asks you if you understand everything and he tells you that Hathram is still alive. The Black crystal that Ostracon crashed was a fake. You must retrieve the Real crystal and take it to a person called Waramuru, because he can reverse this curse and free Hatram. He vanishes again.
Return to the cave and go into the last house with a warp left at it. Use the warp to get out of the cave. A kid is waiting for you to tell you that Hoslow is waiting for you at the Hellroad City Bar.
Go to the bar to meet Hoslow and the Resistance. They’ve already set up the operation to attack Durgwand castle, but they found something strange on the top.

Go South into the forest. Walk between the trees, until you are on an open area. There you can find a Slayers demon. Return to the village.
You meet Hoslow and some members of the resistance in the Bar, he joins you again and the members are gone. A kid talks about Durgwand castle and Ervad king.
First go to Durgwand castle. Leave the village and go South till you reach the water. Now West, there you will find the entrance (between rocks). The resistance has opened the main gate for you.
From entrance take the left path, it’s straightforward. Then you come in a room with 3 levers. Which lever will you turn ?
Choose option 3 the left lever. Then return to the beginning of the castle. Take the right path. It is straightforward too. There is another room with 3 levers and the same question.
Answer again 3 the left lever.

Back to the entrance and now you must go North. First you couldn’t get further, now you can.
Here are some chests to find and to meet again with Ostracon.
Your team members want him dead, because he has stolen Saosh bow, killed Hoslow’s family and Carshwall wants revenge for his father. Ostracon presents you his three resurrected minions (Barago, Elm and Bashita) and now he is ready to deal with you.
When he is defeated, Ostracon asks Garusia for more power, so that he can destroy you all.
His wish is granted and Ostracon morphs into a monster. Carswa falls while protecting Atrushan.
The Arch-Demon appears. When you beat him, Ostracon is down for good.
You manage to retrieve the Black Crystal and the Saosh Bow. Equip Saosh with this Bow.

Garusia appears and takes the Avesta from Ostracon’s body. Saosh speaks and you are outside the castle. Your next goal is to find a sorcerer, at the shrine of the sea, on Kasha islands.
Maybe she’ll know a way to counter the Alvesta’s power.

Your team lost Carswa.
Go to Basil Town. From the castle go South, between the rocks. Talk to everyone and go to Doc Wara’s house. Outside are some patients. Saosh speaks with the Doc first, then Atrushan shows the Doc the Crystal. Doc Wara takes the crystal from you and Aram joins you.
The Bartender talks about Paris, but you need a boat to get there.
Lucky for you that there is a drunk person that sells tickets. If you see yes, it costs you 2000 g.
With this ticket you can take the boat NW from this village.
You find a pier and a Boat-house. The man asks if you want to hire a boat. Yes. He takes your ticket and brings you to Kasha.

Leave the Boat-house and talk to the kid N and to the person W. Go N to the pier.
Go W till the end and then S for Paris Village. The Elder talks about Kasha woods and the other people are talking about a cave. So go to the cave.
The entrance is S, then E through the wood and then N. In this cave are pillars.
Walk against them and they go half into the ground. Search for a chest with the Vorukasha map inside. When the 4 pillars are touched then the screen is flickering and a new way is open in the cave. Nr. 1 of the link with the maps.
Behind door nr. 2 there is a chest with gold. Behind door nr. 3 there is a chest with a Kasha Map.
If you take door nr. 4 then you find chests with medicine, liquor, tent and an unknown item.

There is a section with 4 pillars and a big black door. Touch this door for a fight with a Silver Knight. He is Boss Silver Armor. After winning this battle Aram speaks. He says he found the Archives. This are the Red Ancient Documents.
Now take door 4 to door 1. At nr. 5 there is a black door too. Go in there, it is a door to an other part of the cave. There you find also 4 pillars and a black door. Walk a little N and take the door. The exit is on an island. Walk around the rocks till you see Nameless Village.
It has only 3 houses. In the top left house, there you’ll find an old woman and a dying old man. His last wish is to eat a legendary fruit.
His woman is talking about some red fruit in the South. Search for the red fruit, it is in the middle of the forest South of the village. (good direction is go from this house E till rocks then S)
On the ground is green fruit, on one place you see red fruit. You get a tekst, say Yes. Ato takes the fruit. Give the Forbidden bruit to the sick man in the house and he’ll recover.
When you go back you can again take some red fruit. It is showing in your item list.

Walk to the South till you reach water, then W and further S. There you find Ocean Temple.
Talk to the sorcerer to ask her if she can help you beat the Evil King. She tells you that first you have to save the Sorcerer of the Mountains. To reach the shrine of the mountains you need to use the Pallid ancient documents against the red ones.

The sorcerer in the temple will help you, but she needs the Archives. You have them and she tells you to go to the Forbidden cave, because she wants also the Pallid Ancient Documents.
You can find it SE at the rocks. In a chest you find a Mithril buckle. If you walk to a chest then there are some sharp arrowheads falling down. Walk as close as you can against the wall,
to reduce the harm. I found also a knight rapier in a chest and Mithril buckle, mithril helm and a Demon slayer. Further there are a few Mithril chains to find.
Go to see the Boss Gold Armor. When you win this fight you get the Pallid ancient Documents. Walk to the Ocean temple again.

Now the sorecerer sends you to the North cave. It is not far away. Follow the railroad to the N. Search for a chest with a Teleposta in it. Go back to the sorcerer. She talks to Tamryn and explains her that Tamryn must use this soon. The Teleposta is an Ancient Gods treasure from the Sorcerer of the sea.
Now she sends your team back to the same cave.
There is a new passage to the city of Margiana, from where you’ll be able to reach the Mountain shrine. The passage is hidden inside. You can walk through it.
The exit is in a house in Margiana city. Talk to everyone around.

Aram meets someone he knows. Go East. On a place at the rocks you see Evil Gaca. You have to fight him. After this fight you get a tekst. Walk further and go between the rocks.
Now you are inside.
Go far W and then N for a temple. This is Mountain shrine.
The sorcerer gives Saosh a blood-stained Leather Armor, made of Crimson leather.
It’s the sorcerer’s blood in the armor, and should compensate for the seal cast on his bow. Making it feel like it is quite back to it’s original power. He also opens a door for you,
but then Evil Gaca appears and reduces the sorcerer to go. Put in the armour and go through the portal to the Evil King’s Castle.

Beat the guards who are walking around.
When you take door 1, you find a chest with a tent in it.
In a chest at door 10 there is a medicine.
Take door 11 and the the exit of door 13. Now you can take the entrance of door 14. Go to the stairs of door 15. Enter door 16. The chests have nothing important in it.
Go in door 17, then 18, 19 and 20.
There are traps around the chests and there are Demon’s boxes. The demon’s boxes can hurt you a lot, but they give also great exp.

When you meet Garusia (evil Gaca), he tells you that you will see his true power now. When you ask him if the Avesta could deliver an even greater power-up than it already did, he explains he was summoned by no other than the Hols themselves and that he has an agreement with them. In order to recover their Avesta, they made the Evil King for the Avesta to gather power. Then Garusi sends the Avesta back to the Hols, thus ending their contract.
So, now Garusia’s got the entire surface of the world to do whatever he wants, the Hols are currently living well above the Hellmand mountain, and aren’t the gods people take them to be. They are quite evil and the real creators ot this whole situation. You can’t quite believe all of this, but it makes no difference to Garusia. He is gonna kill you anyway. At least that is what he thinks.

When you win this battle, Garusia can’t believe he was defeated by you, but before dying he realizes one of you isn’t a human. With Garusia’s death, the seal that was casted on Saosh’bow removed and it recovers it’s original power.
You get the fourth Emerald grace, the Black Dragon’s claw.
Without the Evil King, the castle starts to crumble. The exit collapses and your party is trapped inside. Tamryn uses the Teleposta, that the Sea Sorcerer gave her, to try and take everyone out. Tamryn says to Atrushan that she didn’t know what the Evil Forces were up to. She explains that the Sea Sorcerer told her the Teleposta could only bu used by Hols people, and since she could use it ….
Atrushan doesn’t care about what she is and your team meet again outside the village close to Elbard castle.
Oslo was wounded, and went walking by himself to Doc.Wara. So you must do it without him.

The king of Elbard castle treats you as heroes and he is deciding how to honor you and your victory. He doesn’t know if he will give you gold or a medal, hero candy etc., but there’s still the Hols issue to deal with. Aram, Saosh, Tamryn and Atrushan decides to go after them.
The king doesn’t know where Falna is.
Talk to Barsom he tells you that she once said she’d be at an oasis to the West, if they ever needed to find her. Barsom gives you a map of the Desert.
It is a long trip that you have to made. First see Doc Wara. Walk to the N and then W. Go through the Stronghold to the other part.
Walk to W to the water. N to the bridge. Cross it and go W, follow the water. Go between the rocks to castle Durwand. The monsters outside are gone.

Go S between the rocks and walk to Doc. Wara’s house.
Oslo is resting is his bed. Talk to the Doc. He has a new potion for Aram, do you want to buy it.
Say yes, it costs you 10.000 g. and Aram feels much stronger when he drinks it. Check his status to see that he has levelled up a few levels.
Aram talks to her about the crystal and now you are ready to go on to the West Desert.
Walk again through the rocks and then W.
There you meet Falna at an oase. She talks with Aram and she joins you.
Left is a monument with text about Avesta.
Go to NE till rock, there you get a text and you have to fight against bird Horus.
After killing him, Falna says something about Helmand Cave. Walk to the W,
against the rocks.
There you will find the entrance of this cave. In the house is a Boss, a blue spider.
After beating him too, you get a text. Y or N ? Just say yes.
Toi is talking and you are somewhere else.
In a room with 2 deadchests you get a text and you have to fight against Hades Eyes.
When you beat the eyes you get the fifth Emerald Grace, the Red Dragon’s Horn.
Now you can go through the door. Walk to the entrance and you are outside between a lot of rocks.
Go down and then E till you reach a lake. S of the lake you get some text. It seems that Hades
Eyes were defending a sword called Vendidard. With his dead the sword is ready to pick up.
You get a warp to the place of the sword.
After picking up the sword you hear a voice. It’s the spirit of Emerald Dragon (inside the Magic sword – called Vendidard).
Vendidard tells you that he was waiting for you to arrive and tells you that you must use the Emerald Graces to find the Hols.

You get a warp back. Put in the sword. You find a castle in the NE and a Demo. It seams that your team was being expected. The soldiers are all around you. Tamryn tries to use the Teleposta, but the soldiers call Lord Tiridates. This lord calls Tamryn “Fial Vim Strati”.
Tamryn doesn’t understand why he is doing so. Then the Lord explains it.
The former king went to the world surface to seek for the Teleposta and the Alvesta. Tamryn followed him there, when she was just a little kid. The Teleposta is a treasure and only the legitimate successors to the throne can use it.
Your team now goes to cell. You hear the guards talking about Vendidard. Vendidard prevents Atrushan from turning into a dragon.
At the Hols City, the curse is even stronger than usual and Atrushan may not be able to stand it.
You are not scared and you leave the cell as soon as you can.
Go E. In another cell you find a Recovery on the table. Every player can take them with him.
In a chest you can find a Royal Rapier, this is a good weapon for your third player Aram.
Leave the prison and talk to the persons outside. They tell you that the Hols are not responsible for what happened. That was the work of Tiridates and his associates. He summoned the Evil King to get rid of the king and put his hands on the Avesta, which he wants to use to attack the external world.
In a chest SW is a Sagitarius what a good armor is for Atrushan. In a chest SE is a cyclo shield. Atrushan can use that one too.
You meet Boss Tiridates. He still tries to convince Tamryn to join his side by saying the Holy land is now filthy with humans and dragons. That’s why he casted the curse on Ishburn.
He is not alone, he is guarded by five Hols Knights, but that is no problem. Just beat them.
Tamryn senses a bad thing coming. Tiridates has a good feeling when his body is breaking down. He feels his power rising. He decided that he does not need the Hols to attack the humans. Vendidard identifies someone it calls Zandig inside Tiridates. This Zandig creature reveals itself.
When your fight is over you realise that the power of the Avesta starts to grow more and more. Vendidard says the time has come and he tells Ato to give him the Emerald Graces.
When he does the Emerald Dragon rises once again.
Without Zandig, the Avesta is running wild and soon the Hols city will fall. You better go now. As the Hols fall, the western Desert turns green and the curse on the Dragons is over.
That is the end.